Behind the Brilliance

Behind the Brilliance is a new talk show that goes inside the minds of the world’s most innovative people to find out how they create their magic. Host Lisa Nicole Bell sits down with a range of personalities from movie stars to scientists to entrepreneurs to uncover their brilliance.



The American Dream Revised

The American Dream Revised is a multimedia project and social action campaign designed to help Millennials start small businesses and money-making projects. Addressing the especially challenging unemployment rates among the 18-34 set, the project consists of a 4 part web series, a free downloadable guide, a live event series, and a blog. Visit to watch the series and download the guide.


The Legacy Letters

The Legacy Letters is a transmedia project that includes a book, live show, and film. The book features letters written by 30 women to the younger version of themselves. They answer the question: “If you could sit in a room with the 16 year old version of yourself and offer any advice on life, love, and success, what would it be?” The result is an inspiring, profound, and insightful collection of letters. Eight of the letters were converted to monologues and produced for a live show and DVD taping. Visit to learn more.