When Dr. Ava Shamban, Celebrity Dermatologist from Extreme Makeover, wanted to launch her book, she turned to ILMG to develop a content strategy, produce content, and work with her marketing and business development teams to ensure a successful launch.



-Creative direction for the microsite: http://www.healyourskinthebook.com/

-A fully developed digital media strategy and communications plan

-A carefully designed ecosystem designed to support the launch of her book, Heal Your Skin

-Setup, development, and initial maintenance of social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)

-Promotional messaging for the book campaign

-Original content development for the microsite’s blog

-Ideation, development, production, and distribution of an original series of videos about the book

- Training and consulting support for managing digital media assets post-engagement



Successful book launch

5,000+ opt ins in the first 90 days of launch

A verified, thriving Twitter account

A fully engaged Facebook community